JMC Fruits

JMC FRUITS : Who we are

Major apple growers

JMC Fruits is owned by two major growers from the region of Cavaillon, situated in Provence which is amongst the largest fruit and vegetables growing regions in France.

Thanks to its ownership, JMC Fruits has a marketing potential of over 90 000 tons of fresh fruits. Our main product is apple which is available all year round. A range of seasonal products such as pears, apricots, plums and kiwis is also available.

The core business of JMC Fruits consists of growing, selling, packing and delivering the product and the service to all European and non European destinations. During each step of our process we ensure than the best practices of our industry are applied.

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What makes the difference?

  • A high reactivity and flexibility to any specific needs
  • Globalgap certified and fully owned orchards
  • 2 fully equipped packing stations of a total packing capacity of 500 tons a day
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